Evaluation of the effect of plant extracts on the ability to control Fusarium spp. causing diseases of coffee roots in greenhouse conditions

Many studies have shown that biological control is a prospective disease management method. Conduct evaluation of the effectiveness of probiotics on the ability to control Fusarium spp. causing disease on coffee roots under net house conditions with 5 treatments: Treatment 1 (Control – untreated), Treatment 2 (extract of wild sunflower with a concentration of 0,08%), Treatment 3 (Extract of cinnamon bark with a concentration of 0,04%), Treatment 4 (Extract from citronella with a concentration of 0,06%), Treatment 5 (bio-wood vinegar preparation with a concentration of 4%). The experiment results show that: Treatment 5 (4% bio-wood vinegar) is the best effective treatment against Fusarium spp in soil and root was 67.38% and 70.94%, respectively at the time after 3 months treatment.