Lam Dong Agro-forestry Research & Experiment Center (LAREC)

1.Official name

 Lam Dong Agro-forestry Research & Experiment Center (LAREC)

 – Establishment decision: The Center was established in December, 1985 with the name “Bao Loc Sericulture Research Center”. According to the Decision No. 3043NN – TCCB/QĐ on November 21st, 1997of Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, “Bao Loc Sericulture Research Center” was changed into “Lam Dong Agro-forestry Research & Experiment Center” belonging to Western Highlands Agriculture & Forestry Science Institute (WASI).

2.Telephone number: (+84263).3864794; Fax: (+84263).3865158

3. Organizational structure:

Total personnel : 34 including 02 Ph.D, 06 M.Sc., 25 B.Sc and 01 intermediate professional

Leaders of the Center: Full names, positions, emails, telephone numbers.

1. Director: MSc. Nguyen Duc Dung 

Email:               Tel.: 0263.3717855

2. Vice Director: PhD. Le Quy Tuy

Email:          Tel.: 0918760867

  • Divisions and units under the Center:

+ Functional divisions:

  • General division (including Administration, Personnel and Accounting)
  • Division of Research Management and Technology Transfer

+ Research Divisions

  • Division of Mulberry
  • Division of Applied Insect
  • Division of Crop Research

+ Experimental Stations:

  • Don Duong Production and Experimental Station
  • Dam Bri Experimental Station:


   * The center owns a total area of 39.2 hain 3 locations:

+ Headquarters (with total area of 1.3 ha) locates at No. 03 of Quang Trung St., Bao Loc Town  

+ Experimental station (with total area of 17.5 ha) locates at Dambri Commune, Bao Loc Town

+ Don Duong Experimental Station (with total area of 20.4 ha)

   * Facilities of headquarters including:

+ Micro-biological Laboratory

+ Tissue Culture Laboratory

+ Pest and Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

+ Cold storage   

+ Building for silkworm rearing and egg production.

4.Main activities:

  – Scientific and technological activities:

+ Collect and preserve good germplasm of mulberry and silkworm; research and select mulberry and silkworm varieties which are suitable to the Central Highlands and Central Vietnam;

+ Build up technological protocols on cultivation and propagation of mulberry;

+ Build up technological protocols on silkworm rearing, and production and preservation of silkworm varieties;

+ Study on cross-breeding and selection of good germplasm of cool weather crops (vegetables, flowers, fruits) in Lam Dong province;

+ Build up technological protocols on propagation, cultivation, harvesting, processing and storing agriculture and forestry products;

+ Perform other tasks assigned by WASI.

Business activities:

+ Consult and transfer advanced technology of mulberry, silkworm, and agriculture and forestry crops and advanced technology on processing and preservation of agricultural products, materials and fertilizers;

+ Train on forestry techniques;

+ Conduct production and trade (including export and import) of mulberry and silkworm varieties, materials, agro-forestry crops and products.

5.List of projects implemented from 2010 to 2017

Develop trichanthera gigantaea (Certified by VietGAP) in the Central Highlands (2012 – 2016);

Apply propagation technology of mulberry and silkworm suitable to major production regions (Collaboration with Vietnam Sericulture Research Center, 2011 – 2015);

Apply advanced science and technology to improve productivity and quality of silkworm in the Central Highlands, (2010 – 2012);

Build up the system of silkworm and mulberry propagation (Collaboration with Vietnam Sericulture Research Center, 2011 – 2015);

Build up the pilot of little silkworm rearing for farmers in silkworm rearing group in Bao Loc city (2016 – 2017).

Study on production of safe vegetables towards VietGap at Loc Son commune – Bao Loc city (2010 – 2011);

Study on application of advanced science and technology to sustainable Arabica production in Lam Dong province (2010-2012);

Evaluate applied situation and effect of renovation technique for Robusta in Lam Dong province (2011- 2012);

Develop the pilot of high nutritious fungus in Bao Loc city, Lam Dong province (2012);

Develop a pilot on using Thien Ngan trees, Anthocephalus chinensis as shade trees in the Bao Loc city (2013 – 2016);

Develop program “Support to apply and transfer advanced technology to improve economic –social development in the rural regions (2011- 2015);

“Build up applied pilot and technology transfer to develop the sustainable mulberry and silkworm sector in Lam Ha district – Lam Dong province.

Develop the applied pilot of advanced technology on sustainable sericulture development in Da Huoai and Dateh district (2011 – 2012);

Develop nursery for producing seedlings of perennial crops to serve agriculture production with high technology (2013 – 2015);

Build up database for insect library, collect insects in Vietnam in order to develop new materials (Collaboration with National Academy of Agricultural Science, Rural Development Administration, Republic of Korea) (2010 – 2012);

Develop a technological protocol for Cricula trienestrata rearing in Cat Tien – Lam Dong (2011) (Collaboration with World Wide Fund For Nature in Vietnam);

Collect, conserve and evaluate genetic sources of mulberry and silkworms;

Preserve good germplasm belonging to “development of germplasm banks of national crops (2011 – 2015);


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