A study on the determination of harvest time of avocado, durian, orange cultivars grown in the Central Highlands

PhD. Hoang Manh Cuong and MSc. Lam Minh Van.

Division of Forestry and Fruit trees

     The study was aimed to determinate the harvest time of various cultivars of avocado, durian, and oranges cultivated in different locations in the Central Highlands. According a data collected from 750 growers by Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) method showed that the above mentioned fruit crops could be divided into different groups based on its harvest time. In case of avocado, BLĐ 034 cultivar was considered as early cultivar, whereas TA1 and TA40 were medium ones; Hass, Lamb Hass, Gem, Booth 7, Pinkerton and Reed were regarded as late and very late cultivars. For durian, Ri6, Chin Hoa, Kho Qua Xanh cultivars with 2 crops a year were harvested earlier than Dona one. For oranges, Soan was early cultivar whereas Sanh, Cara, BH and V2, CT36 were considered as the medium and late cultivars respectively.