Western Highlands Agriculture & Forestry Science Institute (WASI) is responsible for academic research and technology transfer in the fields of: agriculture, forestry, livestocks, biotechnology, protection of ecological environment for the development of agriculture and forestry in Central Highlands

Research and transfer advanced technologies in agriculture, forestry and water resource to Central Highlands region as follows:

Carry out research on breeding, selection, propagation of crops and livestock; plant protection; agronomy; agriculture & forestry systems; ecological environment protection; processing and storage of agriculture forestry products and foodstuffs for cattles to support for the agriculture forestry development of Central Highlands;

Study on economic and social development and rural infrastructure of the region;

Study on the uses and protection of land and water resources and small scale hydroelectricity;

Research on marketing, processing and storage of agriculture and forestry products;

Assess and test fertilizers, fungicides and insecticides, new crop varieties; soil and water analysis; build up solutions for integrated pest and diseases managementl such as IPM. Produce, commercialize products of research as well as other products for agricultural productions;

Participate in training, consulting and transfer of science and technical advances to organizations, individuals and farmers;

Collaborate with international organizations on science research & technology transfer in the areas of agriculture, forestry and environment protection for the development of Central Highlands region.