1. Official name:  Division of Agro-Forestry system

2. Telephone number: +84 262 3862589

3. Organizational Structure:

– Total personnel: 11 people including 4 MSc, 3 engineers and 4 bachelors

– Leaders of the Division:

+ MSc. Phạm Công Trí, Head of the Division;            

  • : +84 914151122;
  • Email: pcotri@gmail.com.

+ MSc. Đinh Thị Nhã Trúc, Vice Head of the Division;

  • : +84 978716753;
  • Email: nhatrucwasi@gmail.com

4. Main activities:

– Major research with high science sense and practical application implemented includes + Develop and propose scientific and technological research tasks in the field of crops and agro-forestry systems in the Central Highlands.+ Research on cultivation practice for perennial crops such as coffee, black pepper and cocoa for the aim of sustainable agricultural development in the Central Highlands.- Technology transfer activities: Participate in consultancy and services of introduction of scientific and technical advances to production.  

5. List of projects implemented from 2010 to 2017

– Review and formulate technical and economic norms for several perennial crops such as coffee, cocoa and black pepper;

– Develop the protocols and norms of water saving irrigation system for coffee;

– Study on solutions of organization for production of high quality coffee in the Central Highlands;

– Research on integrated technical measures to save input costs for coffee in the Central Highlands;

– Develop a sustainable coffee development pilot towards GAP in Binh Phuoc province;

– Develop an integrated crop management (ICM) protocol for Robusta coffee in the mature stage;

– Evaluate and transfer results of black pepper variety selection and integrated cultivation practice for black pepper in Gia Lai province;

– Study on technical protocol of black pepper production towards GAP in Gia Lai;

– Research on determining a dissolvable NPK fertilizer formula specialized for black pepper;

– Pilot study of the dissolvable NPK fertilizer formula specialized for black pepper;

– Do consultancy on the implementation of the black pepper value chain pilot in Dak Nong province;

– Research on improving the integrated crop management (ICM) protocol for coffee;

– Research on sustainable cocoa development in Vietnam;

– Develop pilots of sustainable development of main perennial crops in the Central Highlands;

– Develop an integrated crop management (ICM) pilot for replanting coffee in Dak Lak and Dak Nong Provinces;

– Develop integrated management pilot (ICM) for replanting black pepper in Dak Lak.

– Survey, evaluate and propose plans on converting grass and rubber plantations into orchards;

– Research on the response of high yield coffee varieties with different nutrient levels in the Central Highlands;

– Develop a demonstration pilot of the water saving approach in intensive farming system of Robusta;

– Develop an intercropping protocol of perennial crops in coffee plantations.

* Outstanding transfer results

 – Compilation of the agricultural extension curricula “Techniques for planting, cultivating, harvesting and processing black pepper”;

– Consulting and training (ToT, FFs …) on replanting techniques, sustainable production, and certified production (4C, UTZ, RA …) for coffee and black pepper, etc.

– Consulting, designing, manufacturing and installing the water saving irrigation system and fertilization for coffee and black pepper.