1. Official Name

Division of Plant Protection

2. Phone number, fax, email, website

3. Division structure

  • Number of personnel: 14 persons including 1Ph.D., 4 M.Sc., 8 bachelors and 1 worker
  • Head of Division:

Full name: Nguyen Xuan Hoa, PhD.

Position: Head of Division

Email: hoawasi@yahoo.com

Mobile: (+84) 934801845

3. Main activities

* Functions and duties:

  • Propose scientific and technological research tasks and experimental production of annual and perennial crops on control of pests and diseases in the Central Highlands;
  • Implement scientific research tasks, experimental production and technology transfer on plant protection;
  • Study the application of biotechnology for the production of by-products to protect crops from pests and diseases and compost coffee husks;
  • Participate in the training and transferring of technical advances on plant protection;
  • Test plant protection products;
  • Identify plant pathogens such as insects, fungi and nematodes;
  • Supervise and train for undergraduates and postgraduates at Western Highlands Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (WASI);
  • Perform other tasks assigned by WASI.

* Major research with high science sense and practical application implemented includes:

+ Identify and control pests and diseases on coffee, black pepper, cashew and cacao:

  • Coffee: green scales (Coccus viridis), brown scales (Saissetia hemisphaerica), berry mealy bugs (Planococcus kraunhiea), root mealy bugs (Planococcus lilacinus), berry borers (Hypothenemus hampei), branch borers (Xyleborus morstatii), cicadas.
  • Black pepper: root mealy bugs (Pseudococcus)
  • Cacao: termites, mosquito bugs (Helopeltis antonii).
  • Cashew: shoot borers (Alcides), mosquito bugs (Helopeltis antonii).

+ Identify and control diseases on coffee, black pepper, cashew, cacao and avocado:

  • Coffee: leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix), branch and berry anthracnose (Colletotrichum), pink disease (Corticium salmonicolor), nematodes (Pratylenchus coffeaeMeloidogynespp.), algal spots.
  • Black pepper: slow decline (Meloidogyne  and Fusarium solani), quick wilt disease (Phytophthoraspp.).
  • Cocao: Diseases caused by Phytophthora (pod rot or black pod, stem canker), and algal spots.
  • Cashew: shoot rot (Pestalozzia)
  • Avocado: fruit black spot, root rot and stem canker caused by Phytophthora and Fusarium spp.

+ Indentify beneficial microorganisms in agriculture:

  • Fungi: Trichoderma Fusariumspp., Aspergillus spp., Beauveria spp., Metarhizium spp., Paecelomyces sp.
  • Bacteria:  Pseudomonas, Bacillus spp., Lyzobacter spp.
  • Actinomycetes: Streptomyces

* Technology transfer activities and agricultural extension: transferring scientific and technical advances for Vnsat projects in Dak Lak and Dak Nong.

* Activities in production and trade services: producing bio-product of cellulose microorganism to compost coffee husks and bio-product of Trichoderma to control quick wilt disease on black pepper.

  1. List of projects implemented in 2010 – 2017
  2. Selection of parasitic fungi Fusarium oxysporum with potential to control the damage of major nematode species on coffee and black pepper in the Central Highlands (Management level: Vietnam Academy of Agricultural Sciences (VAAS), 2010 – 2013)
  3. Selection of bacteria Pseudomonas being antagonistic to fungal pathogens in the root of black pepper and coffee in the Central Highlands (Management level: VAAS, 2011 – 2012)
  4. Package deal of LD/CQS/R&D 05: Appliedstudy and transfer on integrated preventation approach of yellow leaf syndrom on Robusta in Lam Dong province (Management level: Lam Dong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2011 – 2012);
  5. Package deal of LD/SSS/R&D 02/2012, Expanding project of “Applied study and transfer on integrated preventation approach of yellow leaf syndrom on Robusta in Lam Dong province“ (Management level: Lam Dong Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2012 – 2013);
  6. Research on nematodes of coffee and black pepper and technological approaches to control nematodes effectively in major production areas (Ministry of agriculture and Rural Development (Management level: MARD, 2012 – 2014);
  7. Selection and application of some parasitic fungus and insects in soil with with potential to control damages of insects in coffee roots in Dak Lak province (Management level: Department of Science and Technology in Daklak, 2012 – 2015);
  8. Development of coffee replanting approaches in the Central Highlands of Vietnam (In cooperation with Syngenta Vietnam Limited) (Management level: WASI, 2013 – 2016);
  9. Study on approaches to control diseases caused by Phytophthora sp. on avocado varieties TA1 and Booth 7 in the mature stage (belonging to Experimental Production Project of varieties TA1 and Booth 7) (Management level: MARD, 2014 – 2015);
  10. Study on ability to control Phytophthora spp. on black pepper and cocoa of WASI – Phos 73 DD (Institutional project) (Management level: WASI, 2014 – 2015);
  11. Evaluation of the effectiveness of products from cinnamon bark extract to control nematodes and fungi on coffee root. (Institutional project) (Management level: WASI, 2014 – 2015);
  12. Study on the main causes and solutions of replanted coffee death (Ministerial project) (Management level: MARD, 2014 – 2017);
  13. Research on using Mexican sunflower (Tithonia diversifolia) to control nematodes and pathogenic fungus on coffee (Institutional project) (Management level: WASI, 2015 – 2016);
  14. Study on approaches and training courses of advanced technological and scientific transfer to control pests and diseases on black pepper (Sub-contractual project) (Management level: Department of Science and Technology in Daklak, 2015 – 2016);
  15. Study on screening nematode resistance of Robusta clones and some biochemical indicators (Belonging to sustainable coffee development projects collaborated between Nestle Vietnam Limited and WASI) (Management level: WASI, 2015 – 2017)
  16. Study on production of bio-products in agriculture (Belonging to regular tasks of WASI) (Management level: VAAS, 2015 – 2017);
  17. Research on the imput selection and improvement of technical protocols for intensive cultivation of bananas, durians, oranges and avocados for domestic and oversea consumption in the Central Highlands (Ministerial project) (Management level: MARD,2017);
  18. Project of plant clinics giving free consultation on crop pests and diseases to farmers (Belonging to project of Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International) (Management level: VAAS, 2016 – 2017);
  19. VNsat projects in Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Kon Tum provinces (Management level: Vnsat project management Department in  Daklak, Daknong, Kontum, 2016 – 2017);
  20. Service contracts on testing plant protection products to control pests and insects on coffee, black pepper with following companies: (Management level: WASI, 2010 – 2017)

– Syngenta Vietnam Limited

– Bayer Vietnam Limited

– Vietnam fumigation Join Stock Company (VFC)

– Sai Gon Plant Protection Joint Stock Company (SPC)

– Adama Vietnam Company Limited

Map Pacific Vietnam

– DuPont Vietnam Limited

– Makhteshim Agan Vietnam Limited

– Ma Viet My Technologies Company Limited

– Viet Hoa Nong Company Limited

– Nong Viet Joint Stock Company

– BASF Vietnam Company Limited

– Loc Troi Group (former: An Giang Plant Protection Joint Stock Company)

– HAI Agricultural Chemical Company

– Binh Dinh Fertilizer and General Service Joint Stock Company

– Kuyng Noong Corporation, Korea