A study result of the effectiveness of cinnamon bark extract in preventing Fusarium oxysporum from harming coffee trees

Nguyen Xuan Hoa, Ph.D and Nguyen Thi Thien Trang, BA.

Division of Agriculture System

This study was carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of biopreparation against Fusarium oxysporum in coffee. The experiment was conducted on an 8-year-old coffee, arranged in a randomized complete block design (RCBD) with 4 formulas, 3 replications, 9 coffee trees per plot; between two plots, there is a row of coffee to separate. One liter of biopreparation is dissolved in 500 liters of water corresponding to a concentration of 0.2%. Four experimental treatments include: no treatment biopreparation (control), biopreparation 0.2% (3 liters/tree), biopreparation 0.2% (5 liters/tree), and biopreparation 0.2% (7 liters/tree). The results showed that the biopreparation have the effect of limiting the yellow leaf disease rate and index of coffee trees. Especially, treatment of biopreparation after 3 months, formula 3 (5 liters/tree) and formula 4 (7 liters/tree), the rate of yellow leaf disease significantly decreased compared to formula control (no treatment), There was no statistical differences between formula 3 and formula 4. The disease index in treatments reduced significantly compared to the control. Treatment of biopreparation have significantly reduced yellow leaf disease and root rot in coffee compared to the control. These results suggest that using biopreparation with the main ingredient of cinnamon bark extract and chitosan to effectively prevent Fusarium oxysporum from harming coffee trees.

Key words: biopreparation, cinnamon extracts, chitosan, Fusarium oxysporum