(Tiếng Việt) Hiệu quả phòng trừ tuyến trùng gây hại cây cà phê của chế phẩm chiết xuất từ vỏ cây quế

This study used methanol solvent to extract active ingredients from cinnamon bark. After geting cinnamon bark extract, added chitosan powderto create biological preparations to protect coffee roots from harmful nematodes. Experimental results showed that preparations and extracts have had no effect on stimulating growth plants of aerial parts. Treatment formula for concentration of 0.2% of preparations got the highest efficiency in anti-nematicidal activity compared to other treatments. The efficiency of Meloidogyne incognita treatment in soil and roots of the preparations at 0.2% after 3 months of treatment was 96.9 and 88.7%, respectively. Effect of treating Pratylenchus coffeae in soil and roots of inoculant at 0.2% after 3 months of treatment was 100 and 35.3%, respectively. According to the results of the evaluation of the anti-nematicidal activity in greenhouse condition, this study should be implemented in the field to get a more accurate conclusion.