Potenial of Bio-wood vinegar in control of root-knot Nematodes causing slow decline disease on black pepper

Nguyen Xuan Hoa and Nguyen Thi Thien Trang

Many of the applications of bio-wood vinegar in safe agriculture are known such as soil amendation, growth stimulation, plant protection, weed control, and so on in the world. Evaluation of efficacy in control of slow decline disease by bio-wood vinegar was conducted in a trial with 4 treatments at different concentrations of bio-wood vinegar from 1 to 3% and a control treatment (water) on the black pepper in Dak Lak province. Results showed that the treatment applied for 3% of bio-wood vinegar was the best treatment which had high efficacies to reduce disease severity indexes (67.09%), Meloidogyne spp. population in the soil (65.31%) and galled root rate (68.68%) after 90 days of application.