1. Official name:

Division of Administration and Personnel

2. Telephone numbers, and email addresses:

Tel.: (+84 262).3832858 – (+84 262).2623833407

E-mail: vuthethinh1962@yahoo.com.vn ; phongtochucvien@yahoo.com.vn

3. Organizational structure:

– Total personnel: 11 persons including: 01 M.Sc., 03 B.Sc., 01 intermediate professional, 03 security guards, 02 drivers and 01 handywoman.

– Leaders of the Division:

+ Mr. Vu The Thinh, Head of the Division,

+ Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan, Vice Head of the Division,

4. Main activities:


Act as a counselor and an assistant for Director in the organization, administration, management and basic construction of the Institute.


The Administration and Personnel Division does tasks assigned by Director of the Western Highlands Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (WASI) as follows,

a) Organize and manage labors (staffs and workers); train and retrain labors, and carry out policies relating to labors in accordance with the Law;

b) Check, monitor, and make regular or sudden report on the progress of basic construction;

c) Overall plan on exploiting and using land resources, dams, reservoirs, water sources, materials, equipment, infrastructures and other properties of WASI on the basic of current and future political task implementation of WASI ;

d) Carry out tasks on emulation, commendation and discipline of labors;

đ) Inspect, verify and handle complaints from relevant units and personnel under the jurisdiction of WASI;

e) Carry out administration and personnel tasks.





Mr. Vu The Thinh

  Head of the division


Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan

Vice head of the division