1.Official name:

  Division of Accounting

2. Telephone number and e-mail address

  Tel.: +84 262. 3862100

  E-mail: anbmt@gmail.com

3. Organizational structure

Total personnel: 4 persons including 4 BSc

– Head of division:

Full name: Mr. Ngo Duc An;

Position: Chief accountant

Tel.: +84 262. 3862100;

E-mail: anbmt@gmail.com

4. Main activities:

* Functions:

– Inspect, supervise, instruct and implement accounting activities for the projects and business and production activities.


– Collect and handle accounting information and data – Inspect and supervise financial receipts and expenditures, and obiligates on collecting, paying debts, and inspecting the management and use of assets and sources of the assets; detect and prevent illegal transactions on finance and accounting.

– Analyze accounting information and data; give advices on economic and financial decisions of the Institute.

– Supply accounting information and data to authorities in accordance with the law.