1. Official Name:

    Division of Research management and International Cooperation

2. Telephone number and email address:

    Tel.: (+84 262). 3862791 – (+84 262). 3862643

    Email: trlanlntn@gmail.com

3. Organizational structure

– Total personnel: 07 persons including 01 Ph.D, 01 MSc and 05 BSc.

– Leaders of the Division:

 + Dr. Truong La – Head of Division;

  • Tel.: (+84 262). 3862643;
  • Email: trlanlntn@gmail.com

 + MSc. Dao Thi Lan Hoa – Vice Head of Division;

4. Main activities

* Functions

Act as a counselor and an assistant for Director in management activities in the areas of science and technology , basic construction and international cooperation in science.

* Tasks:

– Build up strategies, programs and plans for research of science and technology; plan for the application of technical advances into production;  agricultural extension; equipment investment; finance; basic construction; consumption of science research products; conduct training courses for improving professional qualifications of researchers; develop international cooperation and activities on service and business of science and technology products of Western Highlands Agriculture and Forestry Science Institute (WASI);

– Conduct overall plan on exploiting and using land resources, dams, reservoirs, water sources, materials, equipment, infrastructures and other properties of WASI on the basic of current and future political task implementation of WASI ;

– Check, monitor, and make regular or sudden report on the progress of implementation of science and technology research plan, trial production, transfer of scientific and technical advances, agricultural extension, basic construction, service and consumption of scientific research products;

– Sign and liquidate contracts on science and technology research, transfer of technical advances, trial production, preparation of equipment, consumption of products, and basic construction with local and abroad organizations and individuals.

– Build up protocols; monitor and supervise the implementation of protocols, economic and technical norms, and legal normative documents on science, technology, technical management and product quality. Organize and set up committee to consult science and technology tasks of WASI and to evaluate research proposals and cost estimates; set up institutional research committee to check and take over institutional projects and projects coordinated with other organizations.

– Sum up and store research results, science reports, documents and databases on scientific and technological information; make institutional yearbooks and bulletins of information of agro-forestry technology and science, and materials (brochures, leaflets, catalog) with the introduction of WASI; be in charge of and up-to-date news for the website of WASI; Exchange specimens and documents on science and technology with foreign countries in accordance with the law.

– Organize conferences and scientific seminars; conduct training courses or professional trainings on science and technology and transfer of technical advances.

– Manage the infrastructure, facilities and equipment to serve scientific and technological activities and trial production of WASI.

– Participate in building up projects to arrange and manage staffs; develop plans to train, use and evaluate staffs under the management of WASI.

– Implement other tasks assigned by the Director of WASI.